Product features:

• Bolted Replaceable Bottom Cover

• Bolted Flanged Top Cover

• Jig Welded Flight Attachments

• Welded Steel Chain

• UHMW Flights

• Heat Treated Sprockets

• Idler Return System

• Flow Thru Inlet

• HD Head Section with Slack Side Tension Idler Sprocket Assembly

• Heavy Duty Tails Section with Bearings Supports

• All conveyors are shipped with required covers.

Adjustable Flow Control

Material Handling for a Wide Range of Process Industries

Drag Chain Conveyors are used in a wide range of applications.  Each conveyor is engineered to meet the specific needs of a given application and results in a conveyor that moves volumes of material reliably and effectively with a low cost of ownership.

Boiler Feed Systems and Ash Recovery Systems

Chemical Plants – Raw Fertilizers, Finished Products, Truck and Rail Systems, Silo Distribution and Draw-Off

Cement Industry – Raw Meal, Rock, Limestone, Cement Klinker from Kilns, Rejects from Mill Crushers, Finished Cement

Pulp and Paper Industry – Wood Chip Handling, Boiler Feeds, Ash Recovery, Bottom Ash, Precipitators, Economizers

Hazardous Waste Facilities – Earth/Ash Recovery from Kilns, Medical and Chemicals

Grain Terminals – Marine Leg Unloaders, Truck and Rail Receiving, Bin Distribution and Draw-Off Conveyors and Elevating, Ship Loading Booms

Cereals, Flours, Feeds, Filter Cake, Desolventizer Toasters, Extractors, Steep Tanks, Vegetable Oils, Corn Fructose, Malt and Brewing

Mining Industries – Receiving, Primary and Secondary Crushers, Elevating, Smelting, Precipitators, Dewatering, Loadout etc.

Broad Throat Opening

Chain Drag Conveyors

Saturn horizontal chain drag conveyors come with painted or galvanized intermediate sections and can be customized to your application by combining exterior gauging, liners, chain types, sprocket options, paddles and speed requirements. By using components fabricated to exacting specifications, your Saturn chain conveyor will be easy to assemble and provide long lasting service.

Take Up Systems