Specialty Machinery

Automation, Control and Data Tracking Solutions

Whether your application is high speed or high precision the Saturn Automation specializes in offering multi-axis motion technologies including conveyor and turntable applications. This is typically complemented with a wide variety of vision capabilities including location, inspection and placement checking functions. We offer innovative approaches to meet your accuracy requirements and offer single-source capability that ensures control over every aspect of system development and cost resulting in automation systems that deliver the leading edge performance you demand.

  • Installation services. On site supervision, mechanical and electrical installation.
  • Pneumatic conveying. Dilute and dense phase: hopper loading, multi-point distribution, rail car unloading, etc.
  • Conveyors, Screw conveyors, belt conveyors, bucket elevators, vibratory conveyors, liquid and pneumatic eductors.
  • Storage bins and silos. All shapes and sizes of hoppers, bins and multi-ton silos
  • Weighing. Add-weigh, loss-in-weight, batching, continuous.
  • Sifting and sizing. Rotary and centrifugal sifters, lump breakers, screeners.
  • High Speed Inspection Systems
  • Food Processing Equipment
  • Production Assembly Line Equipment
  • Magazine / Newspaper Sorting & Insertion Equipment
  • Material Transporting & Sorting Equipment
  • Machinery for Wood Working & Building Products
  • Distribution Center Automation Solutions
  • Liquid Filling
  • Net Weighing Machine
  • Gross Weighing Machine
  • Linear Multi-Head Weighing Machine
  • Circular Multi-Head Weighing Machine
  • Auger Filler
  • Volumetric Filler
  • Count Filler