Saturn Automation Solutions Inc. was formed  to serve the control systems integration needs of manufacturers in multiple industries. With 35+ years of control system expertise,  Saturn Automation Solutions differentiates itself with its expert staff, market segment knowledge, technology expertise, control system expertise, and a broad range of services and scope of supply capabilities.

We offer our customers technically advanced, customized solutions, backed by years of industry experience. We have extensive knowledge of manufacturing procedures that enables us to develop plans of action that are compliant with current guidelines and regulations. We identify problems within your manufacturing scenario and solve them with innovative design and leading-edge engineering, along with outstanding technical service. Our understanding of industry allows us to develop long-lasting solutions that meet the specialized needs of a wide variety of manufacturers.

Saturn Automation specializes in control system integration, specifically several different areas of industrial control, including PLC and motion control,  Machine control,  Process automation and Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES). From stand-alone machines to full multi-controller networks, Saturn Automation will provide the best solution that best meets our customers needs..

Saturn Automation Solutions is a full-service industrial control, networking, and automation provider. Our technology help make your manufacturing process work smarter and more efficiently. We provide our clients with highly efficient and cost-effective automation solutions. Talk with us about how we can make your industrial application become safer and more efficient.

We have been in the industry since 1981, with decades of experience across several industries. Those industries include Food,  Refrigeration, Oil & Gas, Chemical, Pharmacuiticle, Plastics, Industrial weighing, OEM equipment manufacturing, and much more.

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