• Suitable for abrasive and friable all type products
  • Dense phase conveying combined with big-bag discharge unit
  • Capacities up to 200 tonnes per hour
  • High pressure, low conveying velocities
  • Conveying velocity 6 - 26 feet / sec
  • Conveying pressure up to 75 psi
  • Batch conveying
  • Minimal product damage of any mechanical transport systems

Saturn Automation pneumatic dense phase conveying use to load and high-pressure air to convey. During the loading cycle, feeding valves open to allow material to flow by gravity into the tank from one or more sources, such as hopper and storage silos. When the tank is full, the feed inlet valve close to stop the flow of material inside to pot.  Many point injection then pressurizes the tank to the discharge set point and the discharge valve opens, transferring the material to the destination point. When the pot is empty, the conveying air is shut off and the pressure which remaining in the tank clears the remaining material from the convey pipes.

The pneumatic conveying systems handle a wide range of materials and bulk densities at rates from 500 lbs. to 200 tons per hour, over distances to 1,000 feet. Each system is custom-designed to provide a conveying solution that fits the process perfectly. Few moving parts are utilized, as the prime mover is standard plant compressed air at up to 75 PSIG. Cross contamination is minimized as the conveying line can be purged clean when switching between materials.